Olentangy Trail

#6 Olentangy Trail
Columbus, Ohio
Feb 28: 30 minutes, 3 miles (bike), out and back
Mar 12: 40 minutes, 4 miles (bike), out and back

Difficulty: 1 2 3 4 5
Interest: 1 2 3 4 5
Surface: Paved

Olentangy Trail is a multiuse trail that runs along the Olentangy River. There’s a tree line, but you never forget you’re in the city. Often the trail runs right up against the back of an apartment building. It’s a nice trail, but it’s too busy for my taste. Even in bad weather, there are lots of cyclists and runners. In good weather, there’s cyclists and runners plus lots of families with small kids. Just after Como Park in Clintonville there is an open field that often has off leash dogs and several times they’ve chased me and my dogs while we bike.

Mar 12: There are a couple places where the trail splits off for a mini loop and those are interesting. Just north of Dodridge St there’s a loop that goes through some wetland preserves and just south of the same there’s a loop that goes through some denser forest. Both are very short though, just about two minutes on bike.

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